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elcome to the Atelier Enko Virtual Gallery. Enko is a New England based artist originally from Banjaluka, Bosnia. His paintings contrast the beauty of his homeland against powerful and moving images of the war which has ravaged it.

       "…Violent reds, shimmering blues, horrified faces all scream of the ruins of war. But the staggering remains of pain and loss and the hard-fought visions of hope exist in more than images on canvas…they live in the artist."Boston Globe January 17, 1999.

Representations of the suffering in his homeland are however only part of the portfolio of this passionate immigrant artist, whose work also includes vibrant landscapes, haunting seascapes and atmospheric skylines.

       "Pittsburgh in the Morning is a mystical blue cityscape of downtown through the fog at the other side of the Monongahela River."New Hampshire Sunday News January 17, 1999.

In addition to being a prolific painter Enko has written a compelling book ‘The Unfinished Circle’. Inspired by the extraordinary painting of the same name, it recounts the story of his family’s struggle for survival in the midst of war.




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