The Unfinished Circle
Nezatvoreni Krug
  (Bosanska verzija)


This book is dedicated to my family, but above all to my courageous and extraordinary wife. It is dedicated to our children and to our children’s children, and to the future generations of displaced Bosnians; they should know who they are, where they came from, why are they here. They should know how it used to be once; they should know where their roots are.

The book is primarily written for us, an ordinary Bosnian family from Banjaluka, it is however also written for all the other displaced families around the world that will recognise this story as their own and who, like us, feel ashamed to be called refugees.

It is not us, though, that should be ashamed, we should be proud! We struggled to remain true to our principles and beliefs when many did not and could not given the role that life threw at them: uncountable times our destiny hung in the balance, poised on a knife edge between destruction and survival, between life and death.

This is the true story of just one of many families that survived the ‘hurricane‘ of war that rampaged over Bosnia destroying everything in sight. This is the story of the ordinary people and their war scarred lives; it does not deal with religion, politics, or any of the other reasons this war was allegedly fought for, but on the simple human belief in right and wrong.

The book covers the period from January 1992 until December 1997. It is based upon real events and as such the names of the people portrayed within it have been changed; even now there is fear…

December 1998

The Unfinished Circle is currently only available in Bosnian