Oil on canvas
48" x 48"

The Central Circle

From the darkness in the middle of Europe, where war is on its throne, people are thrown into orbit without destination or return, to land and ramble where they may. A people, with their traditions, culture and history, are destroyed before the whole world on the eve of the Twenty-first Century.

Around the Central Circle the artist tells his personal story:

Banjaluka I
The countryside is peaceful and beautiful, as yet unmarred by war.

Banjaluka II
In a thriving city of two hundred thousand, people live as friends and brothers.

The Weapons Prevailed
Reason is overruled by hatred and violence as war begins for Bosnia.

Year Full of Fear and Loneliness
Whilst the enemy patrols outside, the artist spends one whole year without the light of the sun, in a small basement room, hidden by a loyal friend.

During the war one hundred and thirty thousand of Banjaluka’s residents disappear, flee or are murdered.

The agony continues in ‘Novska’ refugee camp just across Croatian border.
Refugee Camp of Gasinci
A refugee camp near Zagreb offers safety however temporary.
The artist’s family dwells in a tiny room awaiting an unknown future.
A last look at familiar surroundings, never to be seen again, is captured in the stillness of Zagreb’s rain.
America, Finally!
Salvation and freedom are seen in the enigmatic smile of the Statue of Liberty.
Refugees, once professors, doctors and other highly respected specialists in their professions, are now the most educated cleaners, laundry workers and laborers.
The Question
What will the future hold for the thousands of Bosnians forced to make new lives all around the world.